A responsible ecological and fair tourism

Our aim: make of your journey in Khao Sok the best experience as possible while respecting its environment and inhabitants.


Thereby, we support any local initiative of tourism services, protection and improvement of environment and local life conditions.

Traveling often means yearning for a better understanding of another civilization.... Those who are interested will be able to discover beside us the local culture in all its aspects (way of life, social activities, religion, cooking...)

Our role is finally to put together the locals' initiatives and possibilities for you to make the most of the best that Khao Sok can provide to its visitors.


As we are in favor of a fair tourism, we want you to know that if our part is often to put you in relation with some local doers of tourism or simple local workers, the profit we get from it is not more than what this part deserves. Every cost is discussed with the concerned doer and is mainly bound to him.

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